Instrumental Big Band Charts (J)

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Title Vocal Key Arranger/Composer Style Notes Instrumentation

Jackson County Jubilee Carter, Benny Swing As Recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra (Roulette) 5/4/4/4

Jacob Jones Osser, Glenn Swing A Don Jacoby & Hoyt Jones Composition 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Clark, Andy Swing / Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Holman, Bill Jazz Terry Gibbs Dream Band 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Nestico, Sammy From the Library of Count Basie & his Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Nestico, Sammy Swing / Jazz 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Stuart, Walt Cha-Cha 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Wayne, Fred Ted Heath 5/4/4/4

Ja-Da Zezinho Cha-Cha Bob Carleton 5/4/3/4

Jalousie Walter, Paul Tango 4/3/2/4 (S)

Jalousie (Jealousy) Dedrick, Art Tango 5/4/4/4

Jalousie (Jealousy) Stuart, Walt Tango 5/4/3/3

Jam Session Mundy, James Swing 5/3/3/4

Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Warrington, Johnny Bounce A Hank Williams Composition / Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/3/3

James Bond Theme Davis, Tom Swing 5/4/4/4

James Last Medley #10 Tanner, Dave Medley: Rock Around The Clock, See You Later Alligator & Hound Dog 5/4/4/4

James Session Matthias, Jack Fox-Trot 5/3/3/4

Jamie Nestico, Sammy Ballad 5/4/4/4

Janice Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Java Anderson, Sonny Trumpet Solo Feature As Recorded by Al Hirt on RCA Victor 5/4/4/4

Java Warrington, Johnny A Friday, Toussaint & Tyler Composition / Trumpet Solo As Played by Al Hirt 5/4/4/4

Java Jive F Schoen, Vic Bounce A Milton Drake & Ben Oakland Composition / Optional Instrument 5/3/2/4 (S)

Jazz Etude Dedrick, Rusty Jazz 5/4/4/4

Jazz For Jackie Gold, Marty Jazz 5/4/4/4

Jazz Kitchen Blues, The Buselli, Mark Blues Premiered by the Indiana High School All-State Jazz Band 5/4/4/4

Jazz Me Blues Pierce, Nat Arrangement for Woody / Re-Scored by Bob Martin 5/5/4/4

Jazz Me Blues, The Brown, Marshall As Recorded by the Newport Youth Band on Coral Records 5/4/4/4

Jazz Me Blues, The Gray, Jerry Fox-Trot Artie Shaw / Optional Vocals (F) 4/3/3/4 (S)

Jazz Police, The Goodwin, Gordon Rock & Roll As Recorded by Gordon Goodwin’s BIG PHAT BAND 5/4/4/4

Jazz/Rock Trax Pak 1 (Beginning Improvisation for Jazz Ensemble) Johns, Tom & Sweeney, Michael Funk / Rock Five Note Funk / The Blues / Medium Groove / Duck Surprise 5/4/4/4

Jazzman Anderson, Gary Rock Woody Herman / As Recorded on the Album KING COBRA 5/5/4/3

Jazzman Norred, Larry Recorded by Carole King 5/4/4/4

Jazz-Me Blues, The Owen, Reg A Tom Delaney Composition 4/32/4 (S)

Jazzmin Niehaus, Lennie Swing 5/4/4/4

Jazznochracy Hudson, Will Jig Air Signature of Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra 3/3/2/4

Jealous Eb Schoen, Vic Fox-Trot MGM Picture “The Femine Touch” / Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 4/3/2/3

Jealousy (Jalousie) Dm Ebbinghouse, Bernard Tango The Classic of all Tangos / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Jean Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Waltz Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Jean Stuart, Walt Waltz Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Jeannine Barduhn, Dave Groove A Duke Pearson & Oscar Brown Jr. Composition 5/4/4/4

Jeepers Creepers Lopez, Victor A Johnny Mercer & Harry Warren Composition 5/4/4/4

Jeepers Creepers Roumanis, George Swing 5/4/4/4

Jeeps Blues Montgomery, Bob Blues A Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges Composition 5/5/5/4

Jeeps Blues 5/4/4/4

Jelly Roll Johnson, Sy Swing / Dixieland A Charles Mingus Composition 5/4/4/4

Jenny Cm Mason, Jack Blues By Ira Gershwin from ‘LADY IN THE DARK” / Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Jericho Rogers, Shorty Funky / Rock & Roll / Gospel Swing 5/4/4/4

Jerk, The Baker, Dave & Stone, Pol Rock Mambo 5/3/3/4 (S)

Jersey Bounce Dedrick, Art Swing 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Fenno, Dick Swing 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Glasscock, Alan (Transcribed) Swing As Played by the Benny Goodman Orchestra / Solo Clarinet 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Nestico, Sammy Swing 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4 (S)

Jersey Bounce Stuart, Walt Swing a la Benny Goodman / Clarinet Solo 6/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Williams, George Groovy Bounce 5/3/3/4

Jersey Bounce Benny Goodman 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce Swing Benny Goodman Version / Solo Clarinet 5/4/4/4

Jersey Bounce, The Bambridge, John Shuffle Recorded by Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band 5/5/4/4

Jessica’s Day Jones, Quincy 5/4/4/4

Jet Niehaus, Lennie Swing A McCartney Composition / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Jet Db Warrington, Johnny Beguine A Benjamin, Weiss & Revel Composition / Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 5/3/3/3

Jet Out Of Town Osser, Glenn A Glenn & Edna Osser Composition / Leeds Swingin’ Big Sound Series 5/4/4/4

Jetsons Main Title, The Cooper, Jack A Hanna, Barbera & Curtin Composition 5/4/4/4

Jewels Florence Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Jig Walk Hudson, Will Bounce By Duke Ellington from the Production “CHOCOLATE KIDDIES” 4/3/2/4 (S)

Jim Jam Jumpin’ Jive, The Jive Glenn Miller Record Copy 5/4/4/4

Jimmy Dorsey Medley Beguine Medley: The Breeze And I, Amapola & Maria Elena 5/4/2/4

Jimmy’s Dilemma Pleis, Jack Fox-Trot A Jimmy Dorsey Original Composition 4/3/2/4 (S)

Jingle Bell Jam Blair, Peter 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bell Rock C Amy, Matt Shuffle Swing A Joe Beal & Jim Booth Composition / Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bell Rock Cook, Paul Swing A Joe Beal & Jim Booth Composition 5/3/3/4

Jingle Bell Rock Lowden, Bob Rock Shuffle A Joe Beal & Jim Booth Composition 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bell Rock Nowak, Jerry Rock Shuffle A Joe Beal & Jim Booth Composition 5/3/3/4

Jingle Bells Kubis, Tom Wriiten for Rich Bullock / Bass Trombone Feature 5/4/4/3

Jingle Bells LaBarbera, John Jazz 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bells Miller, Glenn & Finegan, William As Recorded by Glenn Miller 4/3/2/4

Jingle Bells Wilkins, Ernie Swing Count Basie Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bells Jazz Coulman, Pete Basie Swing 5/4/4/4

Jingle Bells Samba Gault, Clark Jazz Samba 5/4/4/4

Jive At Five Berry, John Swing Count Basie 5/4/4/4

Jive At Five Lennox, Ed (Transcribed) Swing Count Basie 5/4/4/4

Jive At Five McConnell, Rob As Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass on “Brass And Woods” 5/4/4/4

Jive Samba Jones, Thad Samba Rock 5/4/4/3

Jiver’s License Albam, Manny 5/4/4/4

Jobim Medley Stuart, Walt Bossa Nova Medley: Light Up My Life, Triste & Wave 5/4/4/4

Joe Maini Blumberg, Dave Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/3

Joe’s Vacation DiBlasio, Denis Calypso Commissioned by the Loyola High School Jazz Band 5/4/4/4

Johann Strauss Waltz Medley, A Stuart, Walt Waltz 5/4/4/4 (S)

John Brown’s Other Body Oddo, John As Recorded on the album WOODY HERMAN PRESENTS (Volume 3) 5/4/3/4

John Lennon Medley #1 Stuart, Walt Ballad Medley: Hey Jude; And I Love Her; Here, There & Everywhere 5/4/4/4

John Lennon Medley #2 Stuart, Walt Medley: When I’m 64, All My Lovin’ & With A Little Help From My Friends 5/4/4/4

Johnny B. Goode Moss, John Shuffle Chuck Berry 5/4/4/4

Johnny B. Goode Nowak, Jerry Rock Chuck Berry 5/4/4/4

Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 5/4/4/4

Johnny One-Note Boland, Francy Rodgers & Hart 5/5/5/4

Johnny Quest Theme Waddell, Terry Swing 5/4/4/4

Johnny’s Theme Higgins, John Swing A Paul Anka & Johnny Carson Composition 5/4/4/3

Johnny’s Theme No. 2 Newsom, Tommy Recorded by Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band / Trumpet Feature 5/4/3/4

Johnny’s Tune Warrington, Johnny 5/5/5/4

Johnson Rag Finegan, Bill Swing Record Copy / The Herb Miller Orchestra / Edited by Paul Hyde (Dr. Bone) 5/4/4/4

Johnson Rag Hudson, Will Swing 5/3/3/4

Johnson Rag G Warrington, Johnny Bounce Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Jolly Business Nestico, Sammy Jazz Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Jolly Ole St. Nick Holmes, Jeff Latin Bossa 5/4/4/4

Jordu Van Rooyen, Jerry A Duke Jordan Composition / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Joseph II Swing, Robert Swing A H. Carste Composition 4/3/2/4 (S)

Josephine Stuart, Walt Swing Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Joshua Kerchner, Larry Swing 5/4/4/4

Joshua’s Jump Holts, Robert Based on an original idea by Ralph Flanagan 5/4/4/4

Joy Of Cookin’, The Nestico, Sammy Funk / Jazz / Swing A Sammy Nestico Composition 5/4/4/4

Joy Spring Montgomery, Bob Be-Bop Clifford Brown / Trumpet Solo 5/5/5/4

Joy Spring Pronk, Rob Clifford Brown / Trumpet Solo 5/5/4/4

Joy To The World Blair, Peter Swing 5/4/4/4

Joy To The World Owen, Steve Swing 5/4/4/3

Juke Box Saturday Night F Norman, Fred Groove From “STARS ON ICE” / Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4

Julian Woods, Phil Gospel Rock / Latin In Memory of Cannonball Adderly / Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4 (S)

Jump For Joe Niehaus, Lennie A Gene Roland Composition 5/4/4/4

Jump, Jive An’ Wail Holmes, Roger Swing Recorded by Louis Prima 5/4/4/4

Jump, Jive An’ Wail Taylor, Mark Jump Swing Recorded by The Brian Setzer Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ At The Broadside Myers, Pete Studio Series I for the Advanced Musician 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ At The Woodside Hathaway, Charley Bright Bounce Count Basie 4/3/2/4 (S)

Jumpin’ At The Woodside Nestico, Sammy Recorded by Count Basie & his Orchestra / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ At The Woodside Warrington, Johnny Count Basie 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ Jack Stuart, Walt Swing 5/3/2/3

Jumpin’ With Rhythm Cobine, Al 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid Nash, Dick A Lester Young Composition 5/3/3/4

Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid Stein, Alan Blues 5/4/4/4

Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid A Lester Young Composition 5/4/4/4

June Night Maltby, Richard A Cliff Friend & Abel Baer Composition 5/4/4/4

June Night Bb Warrington, Johnny Swing A Cliff Friend & Abel Baer Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Jungle Boogie Lopez, Victor Funky A Bell, Smith, Mickens, Boyce, Westerfield, Thomas & Brown Composition 5/4/4/4

Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) Cacavas, John A Lecuona, Lombardo & O’Flynn Composition 5/4/4/4

Just A Beautiful Night Like This Kubis, Tom Jazz Ballad Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/3

Just A Closer Walk With Thee Anderson, Jeff Jericho Horns / Master Rhythm Lead Sheet 5/4/4/4

Just A Closer Walk With Thee Sorenson, Dean 5/4/4/4

Just A Gigolo LaBarbera, John Rock Bossa No Drums Part 5/4/4/2

Just A Gigolo Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/3

Just A Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody Holmes, Roger Swing 5/4/4/4

Just A Perfect 10 Lowden, Bob 5/4/4/4

Just A-Sittin’ And A-Rockin’ F Warrington, Johnny Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorm & Lee Gaines / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Just Because Osser, Glenn A Shelton & Robin Composition / Leeds Stage Band Series 5/4/4/4

Just Before Midnight Rowe, Howard Swing Ballad Solo Bari Sax or Bass Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Just Cruisin’ Cieslak, Big John 5/4/4/4

Just Fine! Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Just Foolin’ Nestico, Sammy Groove 5/4/4/4

Just For A Thrill Osser, Glenn A Lil Armstrong & Don Raye Composition 5/4/4/4

Just For Tonight (Nur Eine Nacht) Gravelle, J. Waltz An Oscar Geiger Composition 5/2/1/4 (S)

Just Friends Comstock, Frank Swing A Sam Lewis & John Klenner Composition 5/3/3/4

Just Friends Jackson, Joe A John Klenner & Sam Lewis Composition 5/4/4/4

Just Friends McConnell, Rob Swing 5/4/4/4

Just Friends McConnell, Rob Jazz 5/5/5/4

Just Friends Newsom, Tommy Swing Tonight Show Band / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Just Friends Stuart, Walt 5/3/3/4

Just Friends F Wolpe, Dave Swing Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Just Friends Wolpe, Dave Swing A John Klenner & Sam Lewis Composition 5/4/4/4

Just Friends Transcribed & Adapted from Tom Garling’s arrangement for Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Just Friends Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/6/5/4

Just In Time Harris, Matt Jazz Buddy Rich 5/4/4/3

Just In Time Nestico, Sammy Jazz From “Bells Are Ringing” 5/4/4/4

Just In Time Niehaus, Lennie Jazz 5/5/5/3

Just In Time Warrington, Johnny Optional Vocals (F or Bb) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Just In Time Warrington, Johnny A Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Jule Styne Composition 5/4/4/4

Just Monking Around Kubis, Tom 5/5/4/3

Just One Of Those Things F Lally, Jimmy Cole Porter / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Just One Of Those Things Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Just The Two Of Us D Comeau, Francois Samba Bill Withers / SCO Commissioned / Substitute Flugelhorn Solo 5/4/4/4

Just The Two Of Us Wasson, John Funk Bill Withers 5/4/4/4

Just The Way You Are Berry, John Bossa Nova Billy Joel 5/4/4/4

Just The Way You Are Nestico, Sammy Rock Billy Joel 5/4/4/4

Just The Way You Are Pemberton, Roger Rock Billy Joel / Alto Sax Solo As Played by Phil Woods 5/4/4/4

Just The Way You Are Stuart, Walt Swing / Rock 5/4/4/4

Just Walking In The Rain Eb Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Just You ‘N Me Lowden, Bob A James Pankow Composition 5/5/5/4

Just You, Just Me Davis, Tom Swing a la Monk A Jesse Greer & Raymond Klages Composition 5/4/4/4

Just You, Just Me Henderson, Fletcher As Played & Recorded by Benny Goodman / Clarinet Feature 6/4/4/4

Just You, Just Me McKee, Paul Jesse Greer, Raymond Klages & Thelonious Monk / Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/5/4

Just You, Just Me 5/4/4/4


5/4/4/4 = 5 woodwinds/4 trumpets/4 trombones/4 rhythm

5/5/4/3 = 5 woodwinds/5 trumpets/4 trombones/3 rhythm

4/3/2/4 (S) = 4 woodwinds/3 trumpets/2 trombones/4 rhythm (optional strings)

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