Instrumental Big Band Charts (P)

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Title Vocal Key Arranger/Composer Style Notes Instrumentation

P. C. Wallbanger Hill, J. Rock 5/4/4/4

P. S. I Love You Knox, Bob Solo Bari Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

P. S. I Love You Osser, Glenn Les Brown / A Johnny Mercer & Gordon Jenkins Composition 5/4/4/4

Padam … Padam (I Still Love You All) Osser, Glenn Swing A Henri Contet & Norbert Glanzberg Composition 5/4/4/4

Paganini Caprice XXIV Martin, Skippy As Recorded by Benny Goodman / Columbia Record No. 26411 5/3/3/4

Pagliacci Chattaway, Jay Recorded by Maynard Ferguson on “Primal Scream” / Trumpet Solo 5/5/4/4

Pag’s Groove Pagan, Michael Swing Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Painted Rhythm Hudson, Will Bounce Stan Kenton 5/3/3/4 (S)

Painted Rhythm Hudson, Will Bounce Stan Kenton 5/4/4/4 (S)

Painted Rhythm Swing Stan Kenton 5/4/4/4

Pair Of Aces, A Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Palladium Days Puente, Tito 5/5/5/3

Palladium Party Bounce Harry James & Sam Donahue 5/3/3/4 (S)

Palladium Party Harry James & Sam Donahue 5/4/3/4

Paloma Blanca Schneider, Peter 5/4/4/4

Pan Con Queso Loco, Joe Mambo 5/3/3/4

Panama Wayne, Fred Dixie 5/5/4/3

Papa Lips Mintzer, Bob 5/4/4/4

Papa Loves Mambo C Warrington, Johnny Mambo Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag Taylor, Mark Soul Rock James Brown 5/4/4/4

Paper Doll F Cacavas, John Ballad A Johnny Black Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Paper Doll Cacavas, John Ballad A Johnny Black Composition 5/4/4/4

Para Los Rumberos Puente, Tito Latin 5/4/4/4

Paradox Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Paris In The Spring Fote, Richard Bossa A Mack Gordon & Harry Revel Composition 5/4/4/4

Parking Lot Blues Brown, Ray Shuffle Bobby Shew / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Parting Davis, Ron Blues Ballad As Recorded by Don Ellis on “Haiku” / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Party Time Mintzer, Bob Edited by Bob Lowden 5/4/4/3

Party’s Over Medley Blake, Jerry Medley: I’ll See You In My Dreams & Goodnight Sweetheart 5/4/4/4

Party’s Over, The Farley, John 5/4/4/4

Party’s Over, The Niehaus, Lennie Swing As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra on “The Stage Door Swings” 5/5/5/3

Party’s Over, The Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot 5/3/3/4 (S)

Party’s Over, The Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Vocals (D) 5/4/4/4 (S)

Paseo Promenade Carter, Benny Swing As Recorded by the Count Basie Orchestra (Roulette) 5/4/4/4

Paso Merengue Loco, Joe Merengue Optional Vocals (G) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Pass Me By Eb Warrington, Johnny Swing March From The Universal Picture ‘FATHER GOOSE” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4 (S)

Pass The Duke Rogers, Shorty 5/4/4/4

Passing Fancy Schamber, Don Jazz Waltz 5/5/4/4

Passion Flower Tomaro, Mike Swing Ballad Milton Raskin & Billy Strayhorn / Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Patience Wolpe, Dave Bossa Nova Kenny Kotwitz / As Played by the NORAD “Commanders” 5/4/4/4

Patricia Diaz, Horace Mambo 4/3/1/4

Patricia Neves 5/4/4/4

Patricia Prado, Perez Cha-Cha Edited by Tim Bate 5/4/4/4

Patricia Prado, Perez Cha-Cha 5/4/4/4

Patriotic Medley Morris, John Dixie, Yankee Doodle, America, Grand Old Flag & America, The Beautiful 5/4/4/4

Patty Florence, Bob Jazz Waltz Studio Series II (JE3C1) 6/4/4/4

Paul’s Call Mintzer, Bob Jazz Waltz 5/4/4/4

Pavane Anderson, Gary Bossa Woody Herman / As Recorded on the album ROAD FATHER Century 1085 5/4/4/4

Pea Shooter Lopez, Jeff Jazz The U.S. Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors / Drums & Tenor Sax Duet 5/4/4/4

Peabody #1 Stuart, Walt Medley: Chinatown & China Boy 4/3/2/3

Peaches Cobine, Al Samba 5/4/4/4

Peaches En Regalia Boerst, Joe Rock Frank Zappa 5/4/4/4

Peanut Vendor, The G Andre, Fabian Rumba Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Peanut Vendor, The Kenton, Stan Latin 5/5/5/4

Peanut Vendor, The Kenton, Stan & Rugolo, Pete Latin As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/5/5/4

Peanut Vendor, The Simons, Moises Latin Optional Vocals (Eb or Bb) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Peanut Vendor, The Warrington, Johnny A Moises Simons & Wolfe Gilbert Composition 5/4/4/4

Peg O’ My Heart Bb Warrington, Johnny Ballad Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Peg O’ My Heart Wolpe, Dave Ballad A Fred Fisher Composition 5/4/4/4

Pegasus Levy, Hank As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/5/5/3

Peggy Baker, Dave Fox-Trot 5/3/2/4

Penna Polka Disco Stuart, Walt Disco 5/4/4/4

Pennies From Heaven Niehaus, Lennie 5/4/4/4

Pennies From Heaven Niehaus, Lennie Ballad As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra on “Sketches on Standards” 5/5/5/4

Pennsylvania 6-5000 Ab Gray, Jerry Swing Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/3

Pennsylvania 6-5000 Gray, Jerry Swing Optional Vocals (Ab) 5/4/4/4

Pennsylvania 6-5000 Hest, Jeff Swing 5/4/4/4

Pennsylvania 6-5000 Swing 5/4/4/4

Pennsylvania Polka Schaefer, Will Polka 5/4/4/4

Pennsylvania Polka F Schoen, Vic Polka Andrews Sisters in “Give Out Sisters” / Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Pensive Miss Hefti, Neal Ballad Count Basie Orchestra / Trumpet Solo 5/4/4/4

People Farnon, Robert A Jule Styne & Bob Merrill Composition 5/4/4/4

People Lally, Jimmy From “FUNNY GIRL” / Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/2/4

People Bb Lally, Jimmy From “FUNNY GIRL” / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

People Maltby, Richard Swing Ballad A J. Styne & B. Merrill Composition 5/4/4/4

People Mantooth, Frank Ballad Trombone or Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/5/4

People Sebesky, Don Ballad As Recorded by the Maynard Ferguson Band / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/6/3/3

People Stuart, Walt Solo Trombone 5/4/4/4

Peppermint Pipes Wess, Frank Blues 5/4/4/4

Peppermint Tree Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

Peppermint Twist Whibley, Burnell Optional Vocals (C) 5/4/4/4

Perceptive Hindsight Phillips, Herb Swing Carl Saunders Big Band 5/5/4/3

Percolator Foley, Keith Disco Funk Recorded by SPYRO-GYRA on “CATCHING THE SUN” 5/4/4/4

Perdido Braymen, Chris 5/5/5/3

Perdido Ellington, Duke Swing Transcribed by David Berger / Trumpet Solo 5/4/3/3

Perdido Green, Urbie Duke Ellington 5/4/4/4

Perdido Harrison, Charles (Transcribed) Swing From The Great Paris Concert / Duke Ellington 5/4/4/4

Perdido Henderson Jr, Luther Bounce Optional Vocals (Bb) / No Drums Part 5/3/3/3

Perdido Lowden, Bob Swing Duke Ellington 5/3/3/4

Perdido Nelson, Don Bebop Recorded by Duke Ellington / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/3

Perdido Roberts, Wilfred 5/4/4/4

Perdido Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Perdido Cha-Cha Butcher, Stan Cha-Cha 5/3/2/4

Perdido Cha-Cha Butcher, Stan Cha-Cha 5/4/4/4

Perfect Days Roberts, Jim Bossa 5/4/4/4

Perfidia Pafumy, Joe Optional Vocals (C) 5/3/2/4 (S)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Am Amy, Matt Rhumba TSO Commissioned / Substitute Flugelhorn Solo 5/4/4/4 (S)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps Mason, Jack Bolero Osvaldo Farres & Joe Davis / No Drums Part 5/3/2/2

Perry Mason Theme Goodwin, Gordon 5/4/4/4

Pete Kelly’s Blues Bb Matthias, Jack A Sammy Cahn & Ray Heindorf Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Pete Kelly’s Blues Matthias, Jack From the Motion Picture “Pete Kelly’s Blues” / Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/3/4

Peter & The Wolf Lowden, Bob 5/4/4/4

Peter & The Wolf Owen, Bill Quickstep Prokofiev 5/3/2/4

Peter & The Wolf Owen, Bill Quickstep Prokofiev 5/4/4/4

Peter Gunn Jennings, Paul Rock Henry Mancini 5/4/4/4

Peter Gunn Mancini, Henry Theme Music from T.V. Series 5/4/4/4

Peter Gunn Wolpe, Dave Rock 5/4/4/4

Peter Gunn The Henry Mancini Arrangement / Les Deux Love Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Peter Pistol Dedrick, Rusty From Pistol Pete Suite 5/4/4/4

Petite Fleur Houghton, Ernie Heal Hefti Record Copy / Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Petite Fleur McGahan, Jon Soprano or Alto Sax Solo Feature 5/4/4/4

Petite Fleur Stuart, Walt 5/4/3/3

Petticoats Of Portugal Barovick, Fred Ballad 4/3/2/4 (S)

Phantom Medley Stuart, Walt Medley: Phantom Of The Opera, Music Of The Night & All I Ask Of You 5/4/4/4 (S)

Phil Not Bill McConnell, Rob Jazz Waltz Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass on ALL IN GOOD TIME 5/5/5/4

Piccolo Pete Osser, Glenn A Phil Baxter Composition 5/4/4/4

Pick Up The Pieces Mardin, Arif Phil Collins Big Band 5/4/4/4

Pick Up The Pieces Taylor, Mark Funk 5/4/4/4

Pick Yourself Up Holt, David Earl Jerome Kern 5/4/4/4

Pick Yourself Up Nestico, Sammy Jazz Jerome Kern 5/4/4/4

Picnic C Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Picture IV Goodwin, Gordon Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Pictures At An Exhibition Sebesky, Don As Composed by M. Moussorgsky 5/4/4/4

Piece O’ Cake Nestico, Sammy Jazz Ballad 5/4/4/4

Pieces Of 8, 12 & 4 Byers, Billy Jazz 5/5/5/4

Pieces Of Dreams Lieb, Dick Ballad Michael Legrand 5/4/3/4

Pieces Of Dreams 5/4/4/4

Pigalle Osser, Glenn A Georges Ulmer & Geo Koger Composition 5/4/4/4

Pig-Lickin’ Blues Jarvis, Jeff Blues Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Pink Panther Mancini, Henry 5/4/4/4

Pink Panther, The Comstock, Frank Swing 5/3/3/4

Pink Panther, The Wolpe, Dave Henry Mancini 5/4/4/4

Pipe Dreams LaBarbera, John Ballad Part 1 of “A Piece of the Road Suite” 5/4/4/4

Pippo Non Lo Sa Mella, Paolo Swing Gorni Kramer 5/4/4/4

Piracy On The High C’s Hudson, Will Swing 4/3/2/4 (S)

Play Offs / Fanfares Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Playboy Bellson, Louis P. A Louis P. Bellson Composition 5/4/4/4

Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone Dedrick, Art Swing A Clare, Stept & Palmer Composition 5/4/4/4

Pleasin’ Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Plunger, The Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

Plymouth Rock Hefti, Neal Rock 5/4/4/4

Pocahantas Downey, Alan Maynard Ferguson 5/5/4/3

Poem Lally, Jimmy Waltz A Zdenko Fibich Composition 5/3/2/4 (S)

Poeme Dedrick, Art Waltz Fibich 5/3/3/4

Poinciana Barone, Mike Nat Simon / From the TONIGHT SHOW / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Poinciana Davis, Art Miller Style / No Drums Part 5/3/3/3

Police Squad Kubis, Tom Tom Kubis Big Band 5/4/4/3

Polka Dots And Moonbeams Barduhn, Dave Ballad Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Polka Dots And Moonbeams Barduhn, Dave Ballad Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/5/5/4

Polka Dots And Moonbeams Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Waltz From the Library of the Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra / Trumpet Feature 6/5/4/4

Polka Dots And Moonbeams Jarvis, Jeff Swing 5/4/4/3

Polka Dots And Moonbeams C Miller Ballad Optional Instrumental / Lyrics Sheet 5/4/4/4

Polka Dots And Moonbeams Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Polka Medley Warrington, Johnny Polka Medley: Just Another Polka & Hoop-Dee-Doo 5/4/4/4

Polonaise – Pan Tadeusz Polonaise 5/4/4/4

Pompton Turnpike 5/4/4/4

Poonetta Dedrick, Art Bossa Nova Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Poor Butterfly Bambridge, John Tonight Show Orchestra 5/4/4/4

Poor Butterfly Covington, Warren Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Poor Butterfly Henderson, Fletcher Benny Goodman Record Copy / Clarinet Feature 6/4/4/4

Poor Butterfly 5/4/4/4

Poor People Of Paris, The (Jean’s Song) Barovick, Fred Fox-Trot 5/3/3/4

Pop Gunn Theme Dedrick, Rusty From Pistol Pete Suite / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Pop Medley #2 Farley, John 5/3/2/4

Por Favor Ab Warrington, Johnny Cha-Cha A Noel & Joe Sherman Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Por Una Cabeza Collins, Myles Tango Tango from “Scent Of A Woman” / A Carlos Gardel Composition 5/4/4/4

Porch Swingin’ Swingin’ Norman, Vince Swing 5/5/4/4

Porgy And Bess Suite Nestico, Sammy George Gershwin 5/4/4/4

Portobello Road LaBarbera, John Jazz Waltz 5/4/4/3

Portuguese Love Wiest, Steve Samba Adapted from the Maynard Fergusion “Live” Arrangement 5/4/4/4

Pots & Pans Mintzer, Bob 5/4/4/4

Pound Cake Evans, Shaun (Transcribed) Count Basie Band 5/4/4/4

Powder Blue Niehaus, Lennie Blues 5/4/4/4

Power Of Love, The Jennings, Paul Rock Recorded by Huey Lewis & The News 5/4/4/4

Power Play Gingery, Ralph Rock 5/4/4/4

Power Trip Barton, Larry Rock A Larry Barton Composition 5/4/4/4

Pozegnanie Ojczyzny Oginski, Michal Kleofas Polonaise A Farewell To The Homeland (1794) 5/4/4/4

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition! Terry, Geo Martial / Fox-Trot 4/3/2/4/(S)

Preacher, The Dedrick, Art Bounce A Horace Silver Composition 5/3/3/4

Preacher, The Nowak, Jerry A Horace Silver Composition 5/3/3/4

Preacher, The 5/4/4/3

Precious Lord, Take My Hand Breedlove, Graham A George Allen Composition 5/5/4/4

Prelude And Funk Lewis, Eddie 5/4/4/3

Prelude To A Kiss Carter, Allen Samba Duke Ellington 5/4/4/4

Prelude To A Kiss Dedrick, Rusty An Ellington, Mills & Gordon Composition / Trombone Solo 5/4/4/4

Prelude To A Kiss Hopkins, Greg Ballad Buddy Rich 5/4/4/3

Prelude To A Kiss Eb Lang, Phil Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental / Duke Ellington 4/3/1/4

Prelude To A Kiss McKee, Paul Bossa Nova Duke Ellington 5/4/4/4

Prelude To A Kiss Wolpe, Dave Ballad Duke Ellington / Solo Baritone Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Pressure Cooker Nestico, Sammy Recorded on the album DARK ORCHID 5/4/4/4

Pretend C Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot A Douglas, Parman & Lavere Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Pretty Eyed Baby Osser, Glenn Swing Williams, Johnson & Mosley / Optional Vocals (Db) 5/4/4/4

Pretty Thing Cowling, Bill Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Pride Of Erin (Irish Waltz Medley) Dee, Eddie Waltz That’s An Irish Lullaby, Milly O’Morgan, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, etc. 5/3/2/4

Prime Sus-Pect Brenzel, Darryl Swing The U.S. Army Field Band Jazz Ambassadors 5/4/4/4

Prime Time Nestico, Sammy Count Basie 5/5/4/4

Princess Of Flutopia Gerrits, Henri Samba A Peter Guidi Composition / Solo Flute Feature 6/4/4/3

Prisoner Of Love Eb Warrington, Johnny Ballad Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Prisonero Del Mar Stuart, Walt Rhumba / Latin Rock 5/4/4/4

Probably Petersen, Edward Swing Jason Marshall Bari Sax Feature / Master Rhythm Sheet 5/4/4/4

Probably Petersen, Edward Swing An Edward Petersen Composition / Tenor Sax Feature / Master Rhythm Sheet 5/4/4/4

Profound Gass, A Eberhart, Bob Swing Henry Mancini 5/5/5/4

Prom Jump Dedrick, Art Jump 5/3/3/4

Prom Polka Dedrick, Art Polka 5/3/3/4

Proud Mary Comstock, Frank Shuffle Swing A J.C. Fogerty Composition 5/3/3/4

Proud Mary Johns, Tom Rock A J.C. Fogerty Composition 5/4/4/4

Proud Mary Stuart, Walt Rock 5/3/2/3

Puddle Jumpin’ Berg, Kris Swing 4/4/4/4

Pullin’ Punches Hooper, Les Jazz A Les Hooper Composition 5/4/4/4

Pure Imagination Skeffington, Craig Ballad From “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” / Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Pure Redemption Amy, Matt Rock Samba Ballad Flugelhorn Feature 5/4/4/4

Purge, The Petersen, Edward Elvin/Gospel Swing Master Rhythm Sheet 5/4/3/4

Pussy Willow Jacobs, Dick (Edited) Fox-Trot A Bill Finegan Composition 5/4/4/4

Pussy Willow Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Pussywiggle Stomp Ellis, Don Don Ellis Big Band 5/5/3/3

Put On A Happy Face Warrington, Johnny 5/4/4/4

Puttin’ On The Ritz Fm Dale, Jimmy Fox-Trot Irving Berlin / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Puttin’ On The Ritz Lowden, Bob Swing Irving Berlin 5/4/4/4

Puttin’ On The Ritz 5/3/3/4

Pyramid Berger, David (Transcribed) Latin Duke Ellington Orchestra 5/4/3/3

Pythodd Fellows LaBarbera, John Shuffle From the John LaBarbera Big Band recording “Fantazm” 5/4/4/4


5/4/4/4 = 5 woodwinds/4 trumpets/4 trombones/4 rhythm

5/5/4/3 = 5 woodwinds/5 trumpets/4 trombones/3 rhythm

4/3/2/4 (S) = 4 woodwinds/3 trumpets/2 trombones/4 rhythm (optional strings)

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