Instrumental Big Band Charts (T)

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Title Vocal Key Arranger/Composer Style Notes Instrumentation

T’ NT Menza, Don Swing 5/4/4/4

T. W. A. (Trumpets With Attitude) Sweeney, Michael Rock 5/3/3/4

T.J.’s Boogie Taylor, Mark Shuffle 5/4/4/4

T.O. McConnell, Rob Swing From Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass “LIVE IN DIGITAL” 5/5/4/4

Taboo Em Lee, Artie Rhumba Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Take Care Chattaway, Jay Rock Ballad 5/4/4/4

Take Five Brubeck, Howard Paul Desmond 5/4/4/4

Take Five Coker, Jerry Paul Desmond 5/4/4/4

Take Five Wolpe, Dave Hal Leonard Jazz Ensemble Series 5/4/4/4

Take Five Wolpe, Dave 5/4/4/4

Take Me Out To The Ball Game Kubis, Tom Swing 5/4/4/3

Take One Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Goodwin, Gordon Swing 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Holman, Bill Swinging Waltz As Written for and Performed by Doc Severinsen / Solo Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Take The “A” Train Lowden, Bob Swing 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train McConnell, Rob Samba Recorded on AGAIN! By Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass 5/5/5/4

Take The “A” Train Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train C Oliver, Bill Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4 (S)

Take The “A” Train Roberts, Wilfred Swing Billy Strayhorn 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Saville, Tommy Swing 5/5/5/4

Take The “A” Train Sebesky, Don Swing Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Strayhorn, Billy Swing 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Stuart, Walt Disco 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Wolpe, Dave Swing 5/4/4/4

Take The “A” Train Duke Ellington 5/4/4/4

Taking A Chance On Love Zentner, Martin 5/4/4/4

Tales From The Vienna Woods Cunniffe, Edward J. Waltz 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tall Cotton Nestico, Sammy From the library of Count Basie 5/5/4/4

Tall Falls White, Walter Ballad Solo Trumpet Feature 5/6/5/4

Tammy Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Waltz 5/4/4/4

Tampico Farley, John Kenton / Optional Band Vocals (Ab) 5/4/4/4

Tanga Taylor, Mark Samba A Dizzy Gillespie Composition / Solo Flugelhorn / Arturo Sandoval 5/5/4/4

Tanganova Mossman, Michael Philip Tango Argentino 5/4/4/4

Tangerine Berry, John Swing Victor Schertzinger 5/4/4/4

Tangerine Lally, Jimmy A J. Mercer & V. Schertzinger Composition / Optional Vocals (F) 5/3/2/4 (S)

Tangerine F Lally, Jimmy A J. Mercer & V. Schertzinger Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4 (S)

Tangerine C Wolpe, Dave Swing From “THE FLEET’S IN” / Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Tangerine Swing From “THE FLEET’S IN” 5/4/4/4

TANK! (Opening Theme To “Cowboy Bebop”) Dannewitz, Eric Yoko Kanno 5/4/4/4

Tarantella Burr, Frank Traditional Italian Wedding Song / Clarinet Feature 5/4/4/4

Taste Of Honey, A Chase, Bill Woody Herman 5/5/5/4

Taste Of Honey, A Grismer, Ray A Bobby Scott & Ric Marlow Composition 5/4/4/4

Taste Of Honey, A Pierce, Nat As Recorded by Woody Herman 5/5/4/4

Taste Of Honey, A Stuart, Walt 5/4/3/4

Taste Of Honey, A Whibley, Burnell 5/4/4/4

Tater-Patch Nestico, Sammy 5/3/3/4

Taxi War Dance Hathaway, Charlie Bounce Count Basie 4/3/3/4 (S)

Tea For Two Dedrick, Art Swing 5/4/4/3

Tea For Two Richardson, Neil Cha Cha 5/4/4/4

Tea For Two Ab Sterling, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Teach Me Tonight Barduhn, Dave Recorded by Al Jarreau 5/4/4/4

Teach Me Tonight Osser, Glenn 5/4/4/4

Teach Me Tonight Strayer, Kerry 5/4/4/3

Teach Me Tonight Ab Wolpe, Dave Bluesy Ballad Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Tears In Her Eyes Tomaro, Mike Bossa Nova Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Techno-Pop Mintzer, Bob Funk 5/4/4/3

Teddy The Toad Hefti, Neal Swing 5/4/4/4

Teddy The Toad Swing Neal Hefti 5/5/5/4

Tee Pee Time Crook, Hal Clark Terry / Solo Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Tell Her About It Berry, John Swing Recorded by Billy Joel 5/4/4/4

Tempo A La Basie Bellson, Louis & Hayes, Jack Swing 4/4/4/4

Temptation Amy, Matt Funk Ballad Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Temptation D Winsten, Marke Beguine From the MGM Production “Going Hollywood” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tender Trap, The (Love Is) Warrington, Johnny Bounce Optional Vocals (F) 4/2/1/4 (S)

Tender Trap, The (Love Is) F Warrington, Johnny Swing From the MGM Picture starring Frank Sinatra / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tenderly Borden, George Adapted from Randy Brooks Decca Recording / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Tenderly Chollet, Dave Arranged for the Fabulous Swing Kings 5/3/3/4

Tenderly Eberhart, Bob a la Miller 5/4/4/3

Tenderly Hood, Johnny Trumpet Solo 5/4/4/4

Tenderly Maiden, Willie Ballad As Recorded by Maynard Ferguson / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/5/3

Tenderly Eb Matthias, Jack Waltz Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tenderly Stuart, Walt Waltz Solo Trumpet or Tenor Sax Feature 5/5/4/3

Tenderly Stuart, Walt Waltz Artie Shaw / Solo Clarinet 6/4/3/4

Tenderly Eb Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Tenderly Ted Heath Version / No Drums Part 5/4/4/3

Tennessee Waltz C Cassey, Chuck Waltz Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Tennessee Waltz Cassey, Chuck Waltz 5/4/4/4

Tennessee Waltz Catino, Ted Waltz No Drums Part 5/4/3/2

Tennessee Waltz Stuart, Walt Waltz 5/4/4/4

Tennessee Waltz C Warrington, Johnny Waltz A Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

Tenor Each Way Hare, Alan Jazz 5/5/5/4

Tenor Madness Taylor, Mark Bebop A Sonny Rollins Composition / Tenor Saxes Feature / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/3

Teonova Jackson, Pete As Recorded by Maynard Ferguson on “M.F. Horn IV & V” 5/5/4/3

Tequila Berry, John Latin Rock A Chuck Rio Composition 5/4/4/4

Tequila Stuart, Walt Latin 5/4/4/4

Tequila Sweeney, Michael Latin Rock Chuck Rio 5/3/3/4

Tequila Warrington, Johnny Mambo A Chuck Rio Composition 5/3/2/4 (S)

Tequila (On The Rocks) Lowden, Bob Disco Chuck Rio 5/4/4/4

Terry’s Delight Griggs, E.R. Swing Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

Thank God It’s Friday Medley Medley: Thank God It’s Friday, After Dark & Take It To The Zoo 5/4/4/4

Thank Heaven For Little Girls Warrington, Johnny From “GIGI” 5/4/4/4 (S)

Thank You, Band Clark, Paul Swing 5/5/5/4

Thank Your Lucky Sars And Stripes Eb Mason, Jack Fox-Trot By Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen / Optional Instrumental 4/1/2/4 (S)

Thanks For Saving My life Lowden, Bob A Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff Composition 5/5/5/4

Thanks For The Memory Brown, Les Swing As Recorded by Les Brown 5/4/4/4

Thanks For The Memory Brown, Les Swing As Played by Les Brown 5/4/4/4

Thanks For The Memory Stuart, Walt Swing Solo Flugelhorn/Trumpet 5/5/4/4

Thanks For The Memory F Warrington, Johnny Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Thanks For The Memory As Played by Les Brown 5/4/4/4

That Big Band Sound Again Stuart, Walt Swing 4/3/2/3

That Old Black Magic Lally, Jimmy Optional Vocals (Eb) 5/3/2/4

That Old Black Magic Eb Lally, Jimmy Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

That Old Black Magic May, Billy 5/4/4/4

That Old Black Magic Vinson, Johnnie Bossa Nova 5/4/4/4

That Old Feeling Eb Bolton, Cecil Lew Brown & Sammy Fain / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4 (S)

That Old Feeling Niehaus, Lennie Alto Sax Solo 5/5/4/4

That Ole Devil Called Love Ab Collins, Myles Swing Ballad A Roberts & Fisher Composition / Substitute Alto or Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

That Warm Feeling Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

That’s A Plenty Barone, Mike Jazz 5/4/4/3

That’s A Plenty Butcher, Stan Quickstep 5/3/2/4

That’s A Plenty Myagkov, Boris Dixieland Swing 5/4/4/4

That’s A Plenty Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

That’s All Barduhn, Dave Swing An Alan Brandt & Bob Haynes Composition 5/4/4/4

That’s All Eberhart, Bob (Transcribed) As Played by Ray Anthony 5/4/4/4

That’s All Elbert, H. Trombone Solo Feature 5/4/4/4

That’s All C Stuart, Walt Bobby Darin / Lyrics Sheet / Substitute Bb Instrumental Solo 5/4/4/4

That’s Earl, Brother Fuller, Gil Bop Dizzy Gillespie 5/3/3/4

That’s Entertainment Gross, Arnie 5/3/3/4

That’s The Life For Me Dedrick, Art Swing Christie Jensen & Edward Gardner, Jr. 5/4/4/4

“The Seekers” Quickstep Medley Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Quickstep Medley: A World Of Our Own & I’ll Never Find Another You / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Them Changes Holmes, Roger Rock A Buddy Miles Composition 5/4/4/4

Them There Eyes Kelly, Phil 5/4/4/4

Theme Muchler, Ralph 5/4/4/4

Theme (Artistry In Rhythm) Kenton, Stan As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/5/5/4

Theme And Variations Holman, Bill Swing The Original Arrangement As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/4/5/2

Theme And Variations Niehaus, Lennie Swing A Bill Holman Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme And Variations 5/5/5/3

Theme From “A Summer Place” Evans, Shaun A Max Steiner Composition 4/3/1/4

Theme From “A Summer Place” Gordon, Peter Slow Rock A Max Steiner Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “Barnaby Jones” Bowden, Richard Disco Rock A Jerry Goldsmith Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “Cannon” Bowden, Richard Disco Rock A John Parker Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “Frasier” Goodwin, Gordon Swing From the Paramount TV Series 5/4/4/4

Theme From “I Dream Of Jeannie” Smink, Douglas A Hugh Montenegro & Buddy Kaye Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “Serpico” Chircop, Anthony 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Addams Family” McGahan, Jon A Vic Mizzy Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Asphalt Jungle” Berger, David (Transcribed) Swing Duke Ellington / Jazz At The Lincoln Center Library 5/4/3/3

Theme From “The Deep” Wolpe, Dave Bossa Nova A Columbia Pictures Release 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Incredible Hulk” Wolpe, Dave Rock From the Universal TV Series 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Munsters” McGahan, Jon Groovy A Jack Marshall Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Naked Gun From The Files Of Police Squad” Yankee, Al Swing An Ira Newborn Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Naked Gun” Kear, D. Swing 5/4/4/4

Theme From “The Odd Couple” Holmes, Roger Swing From the Paramount Picture / A Sammy Cahn & Neil Hefti Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From AfterMASH Wright, Steve Bossa A Patrick Williams Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From Barney Miller Higgins, John Rock 5/4/4/4

Theme From Cagney & Lacey Kaighin Roy & Tanner, Dave London Orchestrations 5/4/3/4

Theme From Dallas Field, Phil Disco A Jerrold Immel Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From Family Guy Holmes, Roger Swing From the TV Series FAMILY GUY 5/4/4/4

Theme From Hart To Hart Field, Phil Disco A Joan Kingsburg & Mark Snow Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From Hill Street Blues A Mike Post Composition / Solo Piano Feature 1/0/4/4

Theme From Ice Castles Barduhn, Dave Ballad Through The Eyes Of Love / Trumpet Feature 5/4/4/4

Theme From Ice Castles Comstock, Frank Ballad 5/3/3/4

Theme From Ice Castles Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

Theme From Ice Castles Wolpe, Dave Rock Ballad 5/4/4/4

Theme From Love Story Coker, Jerry Francis Lai / From the Paramount Picture “LOVE STORY” 5/4/4/4

Theme From MAS*H Anders, Jorge Bossa Nova Mercer Ellington 4/4/3/4

Theme From Mahogany, The Gb > Eb > C Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Rumba As Popularised by Diana Ross / Substitute Eb & Bb Instrumental Solo 5/4/4/4 (S)

Theme From Mork And Mindy Jennings, Paul A Perry Botkin, Jr. Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From Nicholas And Alexandra Engel, Sid A Sam Spiegel-Franklin J. Schaffner Production 5/4/4/4

Theme From Police Woman Wolpe, Dave From the Columbia Pictures TV Series “POLICE WOMAN” 5/4/4/4

Theme From S.W.A.T. Wolpe, Dave 5/4/4/4

Theme From Scheherazade Nestico, Sammy Rimsky-Korsakoff 5/4/4/4

Theme From Sesame Street DiBlasio, Denis Shuffle Recorded by Maynard Ferguson 5/4/4/4

Theme From Summer Of ’42 Slater, Neil 5/4/4/4

Theme From Tequila Mockingbird Gallaher, Chris Bossa 5/4/4/4

Theme From The Donny & Marie Show Higgins, John Swing “May Tomorrow Be A Perfect Day” 5/4/4/4

Theme From The Greatest American Hero, The Jennings, Paul Rock A Stephen Geyer & Mike Post Composition 5/4/4/4

Theme From The Lord Of The Rings Wolpe, Dave Ala Marcia From the Motion Picture Soundtrack of the Fantasy Films Productions 5/4/4/4

Theme From The Rockford Files Cacavas, John Rock 5/4/4/4

Theme From The Streets Of San Francisco Bowden, Richard Boogaloo A Pat Williams Composition / Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Theme From Water World Gold, Marty 5/4/4/4

Theme In Pastels Conley, Lloyd 5/4/4/4

Theme In Search Of A Movie Oddo, John Jazz Samba Recorded by The Woody Herman Big Band / No Drums Part 5/5/3/3

Theme Song Salute Stuart, Walt Old Town, Hot Lips, Sugar Blues, Moonlight Serenade, Ciribiribin, etc. 5/4/4/4

Theme Without A Movie Kubis, Tom Rock Ballad Solo Flugelhorn Feature 5/4/4/3

Theme Without A Movie Skinner, Mike Rock 5/4/4/4

Themes From “JAWS 2” Richmond, Kim Latin Disco John Williams 5/4/4/4

Then Came Who? Golson, Benny Studio Series I for the Advanced Musician 5/5/5/4

Then You’ll Know F Dedrick, Art Pete Harris / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

There Goes My Heart Bb Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

There Will Never be Another You Brown, R. As Performed by the Count Basie Orchestra / Solo Trumpet or Flugelhorn Feature 5/5/4/4

There Will Never Be Another You Jenkins, Darren Samba 5/4/4/4

There Will Never Be Another You Stuart, Walt Latin / Swing Bud Morrow / Solo Trombone 5/4/4/3

There! I’ve Said It Again Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4

There! I’ve Said It Again Nestico, Sammy 5/4/4/4 (S)

There’ll Be Some Changes Made Gray, Jerry Fox-Trot Artie Shaw / Optional Vocals (Bb) 4/3/3/4 (S)

There’ll be Some Changes Made Shaw, Artie Fox-Trot Optional Vocals (Bb) 5/3/3/4 (S)

There’s A Small Hotel Kenton, Stan Ballad 5/4/4/4

There’s A Small Hotel Ab Lally, Jimmy Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers / Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 5/3/2/3

There’s No Business Like Show Business C Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Irving Berlin / Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4

There’s The Rub Goodwin, Gordon 5/4/4/4

Therese Barduhn, Dave Ballad Solo Tenor Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

These Foolish Things Cacavas, John Holt Marvell, Jack Strachey & Harry Link / Optional Vocals (Eb) 5/4/4/4

These Foolish Things Eb Weirick, Paul Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

These Foolish Things Trombone Solo 5/4/4/3

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Lally, Jimmy Optional Vocals (Eb) 5/3/2/4 (S)

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Nestico, Sammy Swing 5/4/4/4

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Stuart, Walt Funky Blues Solo Tenor Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Warrington, Johnny Swing George & Ira Gershwin 5/4/4/4

They Can’t Take That Away From Me Bb Wolpe, Dave Swing Substitute Tenor Sax Solo / Lyrics Sheet 5/4/4/4

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Berger, David Shuffle Jazz at Lincoln Center Library – Essentially Ellington 5/4/3/3

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Lalama, Dave Swing Woody Herman 5/5/3/4

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Lennox, Ed Swing 4/4/4/4

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Things Ain’t What They Used To Be Taylor, Mark Shuffle 5/5/4/4

Things Are Getting Better McConnell, Rob Recorded by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass on TRIBUTE 5/4/4/4

Things I Love, The C Harris, Lew Harold Barlow & Lew Harris / Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 4/3/2/3

Things We Did Last Summer, The Eberhart, Bob Ballad Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn 5/4/4/4

Things We Did Last Summer, The Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Waltz Styne & Cahn / From the Library of the Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra 6/5/4/4

THINK Clark, Andy Funky Rock Aretha Franklin & Ted White / Featured in the “The Blues Brothers” movie 5/4/4/4

This Bass Was Made For Walkin’ Jones, Thad Swing 5/5/5/4

This Can’t Be Love Holmes, Roger Swing From “The Boys From Syracuse” 5/4/4/3

This Can’t Be Love Taylor, Mark Swing A Lorenz Hart & Richard Rodgers Composition / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big Burger, Eric Swing J. J. Johnson & Kai Winding / Trombone Duet Feature 5/4/4/4

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big Niehaus, Lennie Swing Stan Kenton 5/3/3/4

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big Niehaus, Lennie Swing A Steve Allen Composition 5/4/4/4

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big Warrington, Johnny A Steve Allen Composition 5/4/4/4

This Door Swings Both Ways Bb Dedrick, Chris Swing A Don Thomas & Estelle Levitt Composition / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

This Guy’s In Love With You Bacharach, Burt 5/4/4/4

This Guy’s In Love With You C Stuart, Walt Substitute Solo Trumpet 4/4/1/3

This Is Love Dentato, Johnny A Robert Tepper Composition 5/4/4/4

This Is The Army, Mister Jones Schoen, Vic Bounce Irving Berlin / Optional Vocals (F) 4/3/2/4 (S)

This Is The Moment Nestico, Sammy Professional Version / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

This Land Is My Land Stuart, Walt No Drums Part 4/3/1/2

This Love Of Mine Eberhart, Bob 5/5/5/3

This Love Of Mine Stuart, Walt 3/3/4/3

This Masquerade Berry, John Bossa Nova 5/4/4/3

This Masquerade Berry, John Latin Rock 5/4/4/4

This Masquerade Gm Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Bossa Nova SCO Commissioned / Substitute Alto or Tenor Solo 5/4/4/4 (S)

This Moment In Time Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4

This Way Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Thomas O’Malley Cat Pemberton, Roger Rock From Walt Disney Productions’ “THE ARISTOCATS” 5/4/4/4

Those Were The Days Schaefer, Willis A Gene Raskin Composition 5/4/4/4

Thou Swell Alexander, Van Swing 4/3/2/4 (S)

Thou Swell Lewis, Mike Swing 5/3/2/4

Thou Swell Niehaus, Lennie Swing 5/4/4/3

Three And One Jones, Thad Swing As Recorded by the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra / Flugelhorn Solo 5/5/4/4

Three Card Molly Tumlinson, C. 5/5/5/4

Three Coins In The Fountain Maltby, Richard 5/4/4/4

Three Coins In The Fountain Eb Mason, Jack Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)

Three Day Suckers Lofgren, Bruce 5/4/4/4

Three Little Words Bennett, Russel Fox-Trot A Porter Brown Composition 4/2/1/3 (S)

Three Little Words C Lally, Jimmy From the MGM Film “Three Little Words” / Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Three Moods Lowe, Mundell Studio Series for the Advanced Musician 5/4/4/4 (S)

Three More Foxes Maiden, Willie Jazz Maynard Ferguson / Recorded on “Dues,” / Trumpet Section Feature 5/4/4/4

Three O’Clock In The Morning Skinner, Frank Waltz Dorothy Terrise & Julian Robledo / Optional Vocals (Db) 4/3/2/4 (S)

Three Shades Of Blue Soder, Bob 5/4/5/4

Three’s A Crowd Collins, Myles Jazz Waltz 5/4/4/4

Threshold Williams, Pat 5/5/4/4

Thriller Wolpe, Dave Rock Michael Jackson 5/3/3/4

Thriller Michael Jackson 5/4/4/4

Through The Eyes Of A Child Jarvis, Jeff Samba Solo Trumpet, Clarinet or Soprano Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Through The Years Wolpe, Dave Rock Ballad A Steve Dorff & Marty Panzer Composition / Alto Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Thunderbird Stuart, Walt Jazz Rock 5/4/4/4

Tickle Toe McConnell, Rob Bob Swing 5/5/4/4

Tickle Toe Wolpe, Dave Swing A Lester Young Composition / Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Tico-Tico Barovick, F. / Hathaway, C. Samba Optional Vocals (C or F) / Lyrics Sheet 4/3/2/4 (S)

Tico-Tico Burger, Eric Salsa Zequinha Abreu 5/4/4/4

Tico-Tico C Hathaway, Charles Samba / Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Tico-Tico Wolpe, Dave Samba Zequinha Abreu 5/4/4/4

Tidal Breeze Crotty, Mike A Harold Danko Composition 5/5/4/4

Tie A Yellow Ribbon Fenton, Tony 5/4/4/4

Tiger Of San Pedro LaBarbera, John Bill Watrous 5/4/4/4

Tiger Of San Pedro Lavender, Paul Latin A John La Barbera Composition 5/4/4/4

Tiger Rag Hooper, Les 5/4/4/4

Tiger Rag Walker, Leroy Jazz One Step Original Dixieland Jazz Band / Transcribed by Ragnar Hellspong 4/2/1/3 (S)

Tijuana Beat Paige, Bert & Stone, Pol 5/3/2/4

Tijuana Jump, The Gomez, Nico & Pol, Stone Jump Mambo 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tijuana Taxi Alpert, Herb As Played by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass 5/4/4/4

Tijuana Taxi Stuart, Walt 5/3/3/3

Till D > Bb Warrington, Johnny Fox-Trot Tom Jones / Optional Instrumental / Lyrics Sheet 5/3/3/4 (S)

Till I Waltz Again With You Warrington, Johnny A Sidney Prosen Composition / Optional Vocals (F or C) 4/3/2/4

Till The End Of Time Bb Weirick, Paul Fox-Trot Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Till There Was You Martin, Bob 5/4/4/4

Till There Was You Warrington, Johnny Optional Vocals (C or Ab) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Time After Time Herold, Steve Swing Alla Basie 5/4/4/3

Time After Time Niehaus, Lennie Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/5/4/4

Time After Time Schamber, Don Swing Recorded by the Jazz Collection Orchestra on JAZZ JOURNEY 5/5/5/4

Time After Time Swing 5/4/4/4

Time After Time 5/4/4/4

Time Check Menza, Don Commissioned by California State University Northridge Jazz Ensemble 5/5/5/4

Time For A Change Levy, Hank 5/5/5/3

Time For Love, A Lane, Jim Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/5/4

Time For Love, A Levy, Hank Ballad Mandel & Webster / As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/4/4/3

Time For Love, A Nestico, Sammy Ballad From the Library of Bill Watrous’ REFUGE WEST / Trombone Solo 5/4/4/4

Time For Us, A Stuart, Walt 5/4/4/4 (S)

Time Of My Life, The Wolpe, Dave Rock Dirty Dancing 5/3/3/4

Time On My Hands Artie Shaw Version 5/4/4/4

Time On My Hands (You In My Arms) F Mason, Jack Ballad Youmans, Adamson & Gordon / Optional Instrumental / No Drums Part 4/3/2/3

Time Out Menza, Don Jazz As Recorded by Buddy Rich 5/5/5/4

Time Waits For No One Nestico, Sammy Jazz 5/4/4/4

Tin Roof Blues Clark, Andy Blues New Orleans Rhythm Kings 5/3/3/4

Tin Roof Blues Melrose, Walter New Orleans Rhythm Kings 5/4/4/4

Tin Tin Deo Remmers, Maino Afro Cuban Curtis Fuller / Chano Pozo 5/4/4/4

Tinsel Maiden, Willie Maynard Ferguson / Recorded on “Dues,” Mainstream Records 5/4/4/4

Tip Toe Jones, Thad As Recorded by Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra from “Consummation” 5/4/4/4

Tis Autumn Saville, Tommy 5/4/4/4

Tisherome Brenzel, Darryl As Recorded by the Jazz Ambassadors / Mary Lou Williams 5/4/4/4

To All The Girls Stuart, Walt Ballad 5/4/4/4 (S)

To Love Again Warrington, Johnny Waltz Theme from “The Eddy Duchin Story” / Optional Vocals (F) 5/3/3/3

To My Love Hyde, Paul (Dr. Bone) Waltz Henry Mancini 5/4/4/4

To Sir, With Love McLin, Ed From Columbia Picture’s Release. “TO SIR, WITH LOVE” 5/4/4/4

To You Jones, Thad Ballad 5/5/5/4

Toccata Gillespie, Dizzy Afro Cuban Record Copy by Massimo Sgargi 5/4/4/4

Together F Mason, Jack Waltz From the Production “Since You Went Away” / Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Together Houses Norman, Vince Ballad Jazz Ambassadors / The U.S. Army Field Band 5/4/4/4

Tolchard Evans Famous Waltzes Medley (Part 1) Green, Roy Waltz Medley: Ev’rywhere, Be Mine & My September Love 5/3/2/4

Tolchard Evans Famous Waltzes Medley (Part 1) Green, Roy Waltz Medley: If, Life’s Desire & Faith 5/3/2/4

Told You So Holman, Bill 5/4/4/4

Tommy Dorsey Medley Burger, Eric Medley: Marie, Song Of India & Boogie Woogie 5/4/4/4

Tommy Dorsey Medley #1 Stuart, Walt I’ll Never Smile Again, There Are Such Things & This Love Of Mine 5/4/4/4

Tomorrow Sweeney, Michael Rock From the Musical Production ANNIE 5/4/4/4

Tongue ‘N Groove Chattaway, Jay Funk 5/4/4/4

Tonight Ingram, Ted Beguine From West Side Story 5/4/4/4

Tonight Richards, Johnny From “West Side Story” 5/5/4/3

Tonight Richards, Johnny Stan Kenton Orchestra / West Side Story 5/5/4/3

Tonight Richards, Johnny A Leonard Bernstein & Stephen Sondheim Composition 5/5/5/3

Tonight I Shall Sleep (With A Smile On My Face) Ballad Tommy Dorsey with the Duke Ellington Orchestra / Solo Trombone 5/4/4/4

Tonight I’ll Say A Prayer Stuart, Walt 5/3/3/3

Tonight We Love Austin, Ray Peter Tschaikowski / As Played by Freddy Martin on Bluebird Record 5/4/4/4

Tonsillectomy Handy, George Bounce As Recorded by Boyd Raeburn & his Orchestra on Jewel Record 5/3/3/4

Tony Bennett Medley Spencer, Richard Swing / Funky Jazz Medley: I Left My Heart In San Francisco & What Kind Of Fool Am I 5/4/4/4

Too Close For Comfort Florence, Bob 5/4/4/4

Too Close For Comfort C Wolpe, Dave Swing Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Too Little Time Cray, Gil Ballad Airmen Of Note 5/4/4/4

Too Little Time Farr, Bernie Swing Love Theme from “The Glenn Miller Story” 6/4/4/4

Too Little Time Ballad Mancini / Theme from The Glenn Miller Story / Trombone Solo Feature 5/4/4/3

Too Marvellous For Words Brown, Les 5/4/4/4

Too Marvellous For Words Mason, Jack Fox-Trot 4/3/2/4 (S)

Too Marvelous For Words 5/4/4/4

Too Much Heaven Stuart, Walt Ballad Bee Gees 5/4/4/4

Too Trite Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Too Young Mantooth, Frank Rock Ballad Sylvia Dee & Sid Lippman / Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Eb Barnes, Bert Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4

Toot, Toot, Tootsie! Barone, Mike 5/5/4/3

Toothless Grin LaBarbera, John Swing 5/4/4/4

Top Hat – Business Medley Stuart, Walt Medley: Top Hat, Puttin’ On The Ritz & The Lady Is A Tramp 5/4/4/4

Top Of The World Carpenter, Richard & Bettis, John 5/4/4/4

Topsy Wolpe, Dave Swing An Edgar Battle & Ed Durham Composition 5/4/4/4

Total Eclipse Of The Heart Horney, Allan Recorded by Bonnie Tyler 5/4/4/4

Touch Of Jazz, A Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Touch Of The Other, A Owen, Bill Quickstep 5/3/2/4

Touch Of The Other, A Owen, Bill Quickstep 5/4/4/4

Touch Of Your Lips, The Martin, Jim Swing 5/4/4/4

Tow Away Zone Jones, Thad 5/4/4/4

Tower Of Power Medley Medley: Young Man, Funkifize & Give Me The Proof 5/4/4/4

Toy Trumpet, The Ades, Hawley A Raymond Scott Composition 4/3/2/4

Traces Nestico, Sammy Optional Vibes 5/4/4/4

Trajectory For Trombone Curnow, Robert Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/5/4

Trap, The Byers, Bill Gerry Mulligan 5/3/3/3

Traumerei Thornhill, Claude Bounce Schumann / Okeh Record No. 6124 4/3/2/4 (S)

Travelin’ Blues Stuart, Walt Blues 5/4/4/4

Tribute Mintzer, Bob Basie Swing Recorded by the Bob Mintzer Big Band on “Incredible Journey” 5/4/4/3

Tribute To Basie DeCamp, Carroll Swing 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Benny DeCamp, Carroll Jump 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Bird, A (Movement III) Niehaus, Lennie Solo Alto Sax Feature 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Jerry Gray Harpin, Jon 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Louis Armstrong Dedrick, Rusty 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Miller DeCamp, Carroll Ballad 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Stevie Wonder, A Berry, John Rock / Swing Medley: Living For The City, Sir Duke & You Are The Sunshine Of My Life 5/4/4/4

Tribute To The Count Nestico, Sammy April In Paris, Moten Swing, Li’l Darlin’, Shiny Stockings & One O’Clock Jump 5/4/4/4

Tribute To The Duke Nestico, Sammy Medley: In A Sentimental Mood, Mood Indigo & It Don’t Mean A Thing 5/4/4/4

Tribute To The Ovlov Amy, Matt Funk Groove 5/4/4/4

Tribute To Woody Nestico, Sammy Medley: Four Brothers, Early Autumn & Woodchopper’s Ball 5/4/4/4

Triste F Kearns, Michael Bossa Nova Antonio Carlos Jobim / SCO Commissioned / Substitute Trumpet Solo 5/4/4/4

Triste Olesten, Stefan Bossa Nova Antonio Carlos Jobim 4/3/3/4

Trolley Song, The Harris, Matt Buddy Rich 5/4/4/4

Trombonanza Sebesky, Don & Covington, Warren Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Trombone Nocturne Burger, Eric Ballad Solo Trombone Feature by Lennie Niehaus 5/4/5/4

Tropical Merengue Loco, Joe Latin Optional Vocals (C) / Lyrics Sheet 5/3/3/4

Tropical Snow Spencer, Richard Bossa Nova Chuck Marcoe 5/4/4/4

Tropicana Gagliardi, Gilberto Rumba 5/3/3/4

Trouble On The Thames Roberts, Wilfred Bob Latin 5/4/4/4

True Love Warrington, Johnny Waltz From “HIGH SOCIETY” / Cole Porter 5/3/3/4 (S)

True Love Eb Warrington, Johnny Waltz From ‘HIGH SOCIETY” / Cole Porter / Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4

Truly Nestico, Sammy Ballad Lionel Richie / Solo Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Trumpet Blues & Cantabile Collins, Myles (Transcribed) Quasi March Harry James 5/4/4/4

Trumpet Blues And Cantabile Matthias, Jack Harry James 5/3/3/4

Trumpet Cha-Cha-Cha Rees, Gordon Cha-Cha 5/3/2/4

Trumpeter’s Holiday Paige, Bert Rock Mambo 5/3/3/4

Trumpeter’s Prayer, A Kubis, Tom For George Graham / Solo Trumpet Feature 5/5/4/4

Trumpets & Crumpets Evans, Marion Doc Severinsen 5/5/3/4

Try A Little Tenderness F Ballad Substitute Trumpet Solo / Lyrics Sheet 5/4/4/3

TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) Gamble, Kenny & Huff, Leon Rock 5/4/4/4

TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia) Stuart, Walt Rock 5/4/4/3

Tu Y Yo Diaz, Horace Cha-Cha-Cha Optional Vocals in Spanish (Eb) 4/3/1/3

Tubthumping Berry, John Rock Recorded by CHUMBAWAMBA 5/4/4/4

Tune Town Shuffle Mundy, James Count Basie, Milton Ebbins & R. Winston / Optional Vocals (Db) 5/3/3/4 (S)

Tunin’ In Pierce, Nat Woody Herman 5/4/4/4

Tuning Up Akiyoshi, Toshiko Swing Shuffle 5/4/4/4

Tuning Up Shuffle 3/4/1/4

Turn Out The Stars Berg, Shelton Bill Evans / No Drums Part 5/4/4/2

Tuxedo Junction Eb Caffey, David Swing Substitute Tenor Sax Solo 5/4/4/4

Tuxedo Junction Dedrick, Art Swing 5/3/3/4

Tuxedo Junction Dedrick, Art Swing 5/4/4/4

Tuxedo Junction Fenno, Dick Swing 5/4/4/4

Tuxedo Junction Houghton, Ernie Glen Miller Record Copy 5/4/4/4

Tuxedo Junction Johnson, William Swing 4/3/2/3

Tuxedo Junction Bb Johnson, William Swing Optional Instrumental 5/4/4/4 (S)

Tuxedo Junction Lowden, Bob Swing 5/4/4/3

Tuxedo Junction Roland, Gene Blues Stan Kenton 5/5/5/3

Tuxedo Junction Stuart, Walt Swing 5/4/4/4

Tuxedo Junction Recorded by Stan Kenton Orchestra for Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas (1956) 5/4/4/3

Tuxedo Junction As Performed by Jools Holland 5/4/4/4

TV Themes Stuart, Walt Hawaii 5-O, MASH, Sesame Street, Batman, Johnny Carson, Hogan’s Heroes, etc. 5/4/4/4

Twelve Days Of Christmas, The Carmichael, Ralph As Recorded by the Stan Kenton Orchestra 5/4/4/3

Twelve Tone Blues Dedrick, Rusty Swing A Leonard Feather Composition 5/4/4/4

Twice As Nice Nestico, Sammy Blues 5/4/4/4

Twilight Time C Mason, Jack Ballad Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Twilight Time Nelson, Fred 5/4/3/3

Twist & Shout Comstock, Frank Rock A Bert Russell & Phil Medley Composition 5/3/3/4

Twist Me Again Stuart, Walt 4/3/3/3

Twist, The Bb Moorhouse, Alan Rock Optional Instrumental 5/3/2/4 (S)

Twist, The Sweeney, Michael Rock 5/3/3/4

Twixt Time Around Eberhart 5/4/4/4

Two Bass Hit Saville, Tommy Swing Recorded by Dizzy Gillespie 5/5/4/4

Two By Two LaPorta, John 5/4/4/4

Two Different Worlds F Barovick, Fred Optional Instrumental 4/3/2/4 (S)

Two For The Road Lewis, Mike Bossa Nova Henry Mancini 5/4/4/4

Two Hearts Stout, David Shuffle Phil Collins Big Band 5/5/4/4

Two O’Clock Jump Hudson, Will Swing A Harry James Hit 5/4/4/4

Two O’Clock Jump Wolpe, Dave Swing Harry James, Benny Goodman & Count Basie 5/4/4/4

Two Seconds To Midnight Baylock, Alan Funk 5/4/4/4

Two Sides Of The Coin Nestico, Sammy Jazz Written for the New Trier Township H.S. Jazz Ensemble 5/4/5/4

Two-Bone Barbecue Cobine, Al Trombone Feature 5/4/4/4

Typhon Barendse, Ferry Swing 4/3/2/4 (S)

Tzena Db Warrington, Johnny Optional Instrumental 5/3/3/4 (S)


5/4/4/4 = 5 woodwinds/4 trumpets/4 trombones/4 rhythm

5/5/4/3 = 5 woodwinds/5 trumpets/4 trombones/3 rhythm

4/3/2/4 (S) = 4 woodwinds/3 trumpets/2 trombones/4 rhythm (optional strings)

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